Small Business File: Dedicated to (very) Small Businesses

Welcome to Small Business File, a web based video series of news, training and information targeted to entrepreneurs and small businesses of 0-10 employees. Building a company from the ground up is a huge challenge, and it’s tough to find information to help you develop, run and grow your business. That’s why we created Small Business File; to provide you with the most useful, actionable information to help your business succeed, in a format that’s efficient, time effective and easily digestible.

Created by Ludlow Media and based out of their studio in Richmond, California, Small Business File released weekly news updates and interviews from the Fall of 2013 though the Summer of 2014, on topics relevant to the small business community. Experts in the fields of marketing, HR, productivity, customer service, accounting and entrepreneurship shared their knowledge in long form, in-depth interviews. Thoroughly researched news stories helped viewers stay up to date on the latest events and trends in small business. In addition to our interviews with experts, we also featured interviews with successful small business people, who shared their experiences growing their businesses, the challenges they faced and lessons they learned along the way. Each interview is broken into small segments which allows you to focus on a part of the topic you’re interested in. If you’d like to dive deeper, look for the segments that include the complete interview.

Creating this project gave us valuable experience delivering multiple versions of serialized video behind a pay wall. We streamlined the process, producing large amounts of content under tight deadlines. We used the videos as a springboard for creating additional content, including blogs, transcripts, key point summaries, podcasts and infographics. Small Business File is a great example of how companies can use video to engage, inform and entertain their audience on a consistent basis. For more information on developing a strategic video marketing plan, contact us at

To access all the videos, go to the Small Business File Youtube Channel.

We hope that this resource of independent, unbiased information will serve as a valuable resource for you and your small business.

The team at Ludlow Media
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San Francisco Bay Area Video Production